16-12-2023, 20:21

CCEN in conversation with Professor Gerdien Bertram - Troost

The present is often described as a time of crisis, with the Israel-Gaza and Ukraine wars, an ecological crisis, and existential security concerns. Schools must navigate challenging waters on how to address...   Meer

30-05-2023, 19:50

CCEN in conversation with Professor David I Smith

Digital technologies loom large in the experience of today's students. However, parents, teachers, and school leaders are just beginning to grasp the full implications they hold for teaching, learning, and...   Meer

06-05-2023, 05:07

New series

In our upcoming series of online conversations, we will reflect on several pressing topics in education through the lens of a Christian viewpoint. We’re delighted to have Dr. David I. Smith start the series,...   Meer

06-05-2023, 05:00

Past events

We look back on an enriching Autumn Term 2022, where we reflected on The Christian Philosophical Foundations of Education. The series explored the educational philosophy of Jan Amos Comenius, a Czech...   Meer